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How the metaverse benefits frontline workers

By Angus Stevens

CEO and cofounder Start Beyond

There's a lot of headlines about the metaverse and its future but in reality lots of businesses are already using it to deliver their training. Virtual and augmented reality applications are technology formats which fall within the definition of the metaverse, and it's these immersive learning experiences that are helping frontline workers gain knowledge that sticks.

One of the largest scale uses of the metaverse today is for training frontline workers, from retail, hospitality and aged care workers, through to apprentices, engineers, and highly specialised technicians VR and AR training solutions reduce training time and increase knowledge retention. But why does it work so well?

It’s effective

The immersive nature of the metaverse provides quicker knowledge transfer than traditional learning. In the metaverse you can use VR to place trainees ‘on the job’ in risk-free situations where they can learn in realistic environments. This could be everything from grocery workers correctly addressing a customer's question, to technicians being able to understand complex interior mechanisms of the equipment they need to repair.

It’s consistent

Managers are not always the best people to conduct training. Although they have experience supervising those in the role, they may not have the teaching skills to ensure the training is effective. Using the metaverse to deliver consistent and immersive learning across VR, AR mobile and desktop ensures organisations are able to distribute high quality training programs to all their staff, track its effectiveness, and deliver tangible ROI.

It’s scalable & fun

Building on the benefit of delivering consistency, metaverse training can be scaled across a large organisation. This cuts costs and because of its effectiveness, also provides the quickest return on investment.

One of our clients, a large supermarket brand, reported that only a hundred people completed a previous iteration of its training but after it was converted into a VR training module over 5000 staff members completed the course. This scalable solution delivered a company-wide solution that was more engaging, more enjoyable and more effective.

Is it for you?

Implementing new technology to deliver training solutions presents a wide range of opportunities and challenges.

To determine whether it's worthwhile exploring the metaverse for learning, look at your current program and ask yourself what is the one piece training that nobody likes?

What is the one module that isn't working and has the widest impact on the business?

And how critical is it to make that learning better?

Whether it be reduced productivity due to ineffective, time-consuming compliance requirements, loss of revenue due to poor employee knowledge or high staff turnover, or any number of other HR challenges; through VR and AR technology a cost effective, powerful learning solution can be devised.

By starting small and specific your organisation will quickly see the value of this VR / AR metaverse module, as its positive impact ripples throughout the business.

Plus through Start Beyond's Oncio platform this content can be seamlessly integrated into your existing programs, and delivered across VR headsets as well as mobile and desktop; allowing your organisation to improve its current training modules while also building a pathway to the metaverse for learning and creating knowledge that sticks.

Angus Stevens is the CEO and co-founder of Start Beyond.

With over 15 years’ experience as a story-teller, producer and director across film, television and online, since 2016 he has built Start Beyond into Australia’s leading award-winning virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality studio. Start Beyond’s clients include fortune global 500 companies Accenture and Meta, federal and state government departments as well as Australia’s leading companies, retailers and financial institutions. Start Beyond is at the forefront of the metaverse for learning, using their proprietary platform ONCIO, to deliver across VR & AR, mobile and desktop more than 900,000 experiences to people around the world.

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