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Australian Metaverse Advisory Council

AMAC’s purpose is to advocate, educate and advise Australian businesses, consumers and government departments on the benefits and challenges of the metaverse.

As Australian organisations address the complexity of the metaverse, the need for an independent advisory group to represent and advocate local interests has become increasingly apparent.

To this end, the objective of AMAC is to grow the Australian metaverse industry through articulating its benefits and potential pitfalls, and building relationships across enterprise, academic and government sectors.

The metaverse is a network of immersive experiences that merge digital and physical realities; enabled by technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and AI. It represents the next generation of the internet, offering new avenues for social connection, entertainment, economic, collaborative and creative activity.

AMAC’s metaverse definition: Sept 2023

Faced with the continual evolution of the metaverse AMAC will advocate, educate and advise.


The council will advocate the commercial and societal benefits of the metaverse through the creation and promotion of thought leadership content; addressing the immediate and long-term impact it will have upon Australians.


The council will educate industry and consumers on the different facets of the metaverse; illustrating the guiding principles behind best practise by supporting, showcasing and celebrating Australia's leading work.


The council will advise the Australian government and businesses by offering nuanced and unifying commentary on policies relating to the Australian metaverse industry. It will also represent the Australian interests internationally and build relationships with overseas industry bodies.


The Australian Metaverse Advisory Council consists of a diverse cross-section of Australia’s leading industry practitioners; with a particular focus on VR, AR, Human Computer Interaction, Web 3 , as well as representation in AI, NFT, crypto & blockchain.

Angus Stevens

AMAC Chair
VR, AR & Metaverse Enterprise Solutions

CEO & Co-founder

Start Beyond

Trent Clews-de Castella

Immersive Technology (XR), VR Production, Digital Twins, Reality Capture & Executive Producer

Co-founder & CEO


Patricia Haueiss

Metaverse, web3 & AI


Darshini Ayton

Health Services, Aged care, Research and Consumer experience

Leader Investigator Deputy

Monash University

Simone Clow

Immersive Technology, AR & VR Commercial and Enterprise Solutions and Metaverse

Co-founder & CEO


Mikaela Jade

Metaverse, AR, VR, Web3, First Nations Knowledge Systems & Culture

Founder & CEO


Daniel Cariola

Enterprise Program Delivery of VR & AR Solutions

Senior Manager, ANZ XR Capability Lead


Ben Ferns

AR, VR, AI, Startups



Oliver Weidlich

User Experience and User Interfaces for Spatial Computing

Founder & Director of Design & Innovation



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